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About - 138 Water is a new brand of premium, purified, electrolyte-infused drinking water. It is the first fashion water that is packaged in 8 different bottle colors, allowing consumers to complement their style or mood with their water.

Water - 138 Water is purified drinking water that is processed using reverse osmosis, carbon and micro filtration and is UV and ozone treated with electrolytes added for a crisp, clear and fresh taste. The water exceeds all FDA standards for water purity.

Packaging - 1-leter (33.8 oz.) bottles in 8 different colors. Bottles are sold individually as well as in six-packs. The bottles are constructed of 100 percent recyclable PET1 plastic that is 100 percent BPA-free.

Colors - Bossy Black, Cool Blue, Going Green, Sunshine Yellow, Outrageous Orange, Sexy Red, Pretty in Pink, and Playful Purple.

Availability - 138 Water is available at select specialty food and beverage retailers as well as fashion boutiques in Los Angeles and /new York. It is expected to be in several national food and mass-market chains by mid 2014.

Corporate - 138 Water is exclusively manufactured by The Clairvoyance Group, a consumer lifestyle company based in Los Angeles.

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